The main activity of the company MONTANA MG is the design, manufacture and putting into operation of dies for cold plastic deformation of thin metallic sheet, mainly designated to the automotive industry.

Montana MG is executing both progressive and transfer system dies, with overall dimensions of 4000 x 2500 x 1250 mm.

Having a high degree of integration, Montana MG executes polystyrene patterns required for casting the iron and steel components of dies.

Also, Montana MG designs and executes checking fixtures and gauges for stamped parts and assemblies which are incorporated in vehicles.

Another area of activity at Montana MG is the machining-welding works. We manufacture machined-welded mechanical assemblies and components for automatics and robotic production lines mainly for industry and also ironworks for other sectors.

On request, Montana MG offers, closely conneted to its industrial activity profile, design services for dies and checking fixtures, machining works 2D - 3D and also measurements and 3D dimensional control.