Montana MG is specialized in the execution of stamping dies mainly for the automotive industry to obtain by cold plastic deformation of thin metal sheet the parts for car bodies and other areas of similar use. We are producing stamping dies with maximum dimensions 4000 x 2500 x H = 1250 mm and weighing up to 30 tones, in accordance with the projects made by our design department or provided by the customer.

The profitability and efficiency of delivered products are guaranteed by the advanced technologies and also by the programming and logistics management of manufacturing processes. Quality itself is the aim of which was dedicated to the rich experience and high competence of our staff.

The technical equipment of the workshop allows the execution of the components at a high level dimensional precision.

Teams of qualified adjusters are ensuring the high quality execution of assembly and fit operations, and also the putting into operation of the dies.

The "in house" tests and buy-off operations are executed on simple effect presses (250 – 800 to). Our specialists are performing the tests and buy-off operations both in-house and in the production locations of the beneficiary.

Inter-operations control and the permanent checking of the products quality are complemented by complex measurement equipment, computer assisted, DEA and MORA.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification is a guarantee of quality assurance system recognition of the manufactured products.

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